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Where wonder begins, imagination grows, and adventure never ends!

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We believe all children learn though play and experience and our curriculum is designed to fit this model. Throughout the day, children have many opportunities to explore on their own and through teacher guided activities. Learning by cooking, open ended play, and hands on experiences are the most developmentally appropriate way to learn. All children learn differently and we strive to meet every child's developmental need so they reach their full potential.

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Neverland Learning Center is an experience and play based learning center for children ages 6 weeks through 10 years old. When children play well, they also speak well, have better social skills, manage stress better, learn resiliency, and have a better respect for learning. Children learn better when given the opportunity for hands on experiences, where they are learning through doing, experiencing, and creatively manipulating to find their own understanding of the world.

We provide an early childhood environment and that offers an extension of a home atmosphere, while giving the children the ability to take the necessary developmental steps to work independently and cooperatively. 

Our teachers encourage children to act in a caring, responsible, and respectful way towards the environment, themselves, and each other. Children are natural explorers, and our curriculum is designed to inspire them by doing and showing us through experience when they are ready for the next developmental steppingstone. Each month, the children will learn by experiences that are filled with activities, books, sensory activities that correlate with the topic for that month.

Our curriculum integrates all the domains of child development, which include:

  • Creative Development

  • Physical Development (Gross and Fine Motor)

  • Language Development

  • Social-Emotional Development

  • Science (Cognitive)

  • Mathematics (Cognitive)

  • Self-Help

  • Moral Development

No developmental steppingstone goes unturned.

While at Neverland Learning Center, children are free to expand on their individual interests and explore new curiosities to develop a sense of wonder.

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8850 Orchard Tree Lane

443-826-5694 or 443-629-3516

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